Onsite Orangevale Computer Repair Services:

We are a computer repair and service provider to the Sacramento, Folsom, Orangevale, Roseville, and surrounding area.

our Mission

  • By providing friendly, knowledgeable, honest service, and educating our clients, we aim to provide the standard of excellence in computer service!

Orangevale Computer Repair advantage:

1) Location :: Does location matter?  read more

  • We are a local business, not a nation-wide chain.
  • Our support staff is local, not offshore or out-of-state.

the Benefit to you:

  • You will experience personalized care and quicker response times.

2) Honesty :: Does your computer contain confidential data?  read more

  • Computers often contain confidential or sensitive information.
  • We hold to the highest levels of honesty and professional integrity. Our technicians follow proper procedures for working on systems containing confidential data.

the Benefit to you:

  • Confidence that the confidentiality and integrity of your data will be preserved.

3) Quality :: You count on us for your technology needs!  read more

  • Our technicians are experienced, certified, and well qualified.
  • Continuous education ensures that our abilities grow as technology does.

the Benefit to you:

  • You can count on receiving the same high quality support with each call or visit.

4) Education :: We educate you!  read more

  • We inform you of what caused the issue,
  • a description of the fix, and
  • how to avoid similar issues in the future

the Benefit to you:

  • With knowledge comes confidence. You will become more tech savvy and better able to make technology work for you!